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There are many wide-ranging and diverse opinions from literary critics on several characters in this play.Through deception Iago makes his fellow characters believes he is a true and honest man.

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The love between her and Othello is one of great passion and breaking barriers.

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The handkerchief symbolizes the start of a new generation, a token of their union and ultimately determines their fate and the main characters lives being changed by the events.From Shakespearean Tragedy by A. C. Bradley. London: MacMillan and Co., 1919.

We see Othello start to lose his power and strong stance as an important figure, throughout the play.

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Free essay on Othello The Greatest Shakespearean Tragedy available totally free at echeat.com, the largest free essay community.Later on Iago tells Othello that he saw Cassio with the handkerchief.As the play develops, the situations worsen, and we are shown a story of a powerful man who falls from grace.The conversations that took place while they were waiting seemed to give insight into the feelings that most people had of Othello.Although he did write many poems and plays with happy endings, his tragedies stand out the most.There is a common thread of betrayal and deceit among his female characters, especially.

This was brought on by a simple persuasion of Iago, the evil character in the play.

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In Othello, we find a number of tragic flaws two including pride and ambition.There are several reasons that make Iago such a terrifying villain.With Othello being a military leader for most of his life, trusting another military friend would be common and therefore Othello had no reason to not trust iago.It all begins when Othello put Michael Cassio, who is not as experienced of a soldier as lieutenant over Iago.Act four starts out with Iago telling Othello that Desdemona and Cassio have been sleeping.

Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly.He has control over himself and shows courage as well as dignity.Elisabeth Sachs Othello Essay Honest Iago One of the most interesting and exotic characters in the tragic play Othello, by William.

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Therefore, despite her innocence at the end of the play, she succumbs in tragic obedience.This essay will explore the answer to this question by considering professional literary commentary.He finds himself in a position of being forced to defend his honor, friendship and his love.He trusts the people around him even when they mean to afflict harm upon him.

Unlike Hamlet, King Lear, and Macbeth, which are set against a backdrop of affairs of state and reverberate with suggestions of universal human concerns, Othello is set in a private world and focuses on the passions and personal lives of its major figures.Othello tells of the love that her father showed him since his boyish days.It is about a well-respected military soldier who due to lies and deceits killed his wife for no reason and after turned the knife towards himself.However, it could also be argued that Iago is not completely to blame for the misfortune of Desdemona.Essays, Term Papers, Book Reports, Research Papers on Shakespeare: Othello.

A noble Moor in the service of the Venetian state, a General.Essay on Pride and the Tragic Hero in Oedipus Rex and Othello.Are there even any motives present, or is it just the nature of the character that gives Iago his naturaly naughty personality.He uses many characters to his advantage, realizing how trustworthy and oblivious these people are.These flaws begin to surface following his decision to select Cassio, as opposed to Iago, as his lieutenant.

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Although Roderigo has very few lines, he plays a crucial role on a thematic level.

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In this play, love, loyalty, and honesty are the most important emotions that keep the world prospering, and when those are questioned or lost, chaos takes over.Which leads me to the most reliable and trustworthy character of Desdemona, whom goes through many trials just to satisfy her love.It proved a huge success when first performed in 1604, in front of a huge audience.If one event is isolated from the rest, the thematic desire is lost.Othello the Moor is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in the play Othello.Most of the Temptation scene takes place outdoors, in a garden.

However, the meaning of the handkerchief is viewed differently in various characters perspectives.

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William Shakespeare attempted to create an Aristotelian tragedy play with a tragic hero and succeeded in Othello, the Moor of Venice by weaving in pity and fear into each line and action.The characterisation of Othello as an outsider forms one of the main reasons for Othello to fall victim.