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This surplus food is passed through the alimentary canal at the opposite end and is excreted as waste.

Food is pushed through the esophagus and into the stomach by means of a series of contractions called peristalsis.

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Three of the most common reasons are the lack of knowledge of how the digestive system works, poor nutrition and undiagnosed medical conditions.

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Once the mastication process has been completed, the food is swallowed and it enters the esophagus.The digestive system plays a very important role in the functioning of the human body in that it regulates the energy break down for the cells of the.

Writing a paper in apa format, provocation in sentencing research paper, essays on language and culture, research paper about nursing, essays body language work.The job of the digestive system is that nutrients are then absorbed into another system to be used as fuel.Now that you have broken down the food your tongue helps move your food to the back of your mouth.

Understanding how the digestive system works will help to understand why digestive problems are so common.I am a sausage roll even before you eat me, when you smell me, see me, or think about me, digestion begins.The food is then mixed in the stomach, turning it into chyme(digested food).There are five main areas of the digestive system, these are ingestion, propulsion, digestion, absorption and elimination.The sensations of smell and taste from the food sets up reflexes which stimulate the salivary glands, saliva is produced by the salivary glands and is released into the mouth.Also, the digestive system works with the circulatory system to provide the nutrients the system needs to keep the heart pumping. By:. Circulatory System Essay.As you can see, it is a tubelike structure made of muscle and lined with mucous membrane.

Food is moved by peristalsis which pushes the food down through the esophagus to the stomach.Digestive system essay Ann Veneman April 26, 2016. 3.2 essential intake, its symmetric or secrets of the process.An enzyme within the composition of saliva called Amylase, works to dissolve some food particles and break down starchy foods, turning them into glucose.

On both side of the incisors are sharp and pointy teeth called canines.Digestive System News and. are medications used to treat digestive problems such as ulcers and reflux disease by reducing.The human digestive system has to be able to process our omnivorous feeding habits and diet, and has adapted this to function at an optimum level and is controlled by our autonomic nervous system by the brain.This tube also includes the pharynx, esophagus, large intestine, and anus.The saliva contains enzymes such as Ptyalin, which starts sugar digestion.Nutrition term papers (paper 13876) on Digestive System: Digestive System The human body uses various kinds of food for energy and growth.

The digestive system is made up of the digestive tract—a series of hollow organs joined in a long, twisting tube from the mouth to the anus—and other organs that.The digestive system is made up of the digestive tract, which includes the esophagus, stomach and intestines and other organs that aid in digestion such as the liver, pancreas and gall bladder.