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Another 38 percent were over twenty while 18 percent were under sixteen.Because of this, the witches on trial would confess even if they were innocent, and they would also accuse other innocent people of being witches.The children still were not able to come up with names for their perpetrators until a little thirteen-year-old girl, Ann Putnam, cried out the name of Martha Corey.

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If when they lifted her up she was dead then she was presumed innocent, but that was completely pointless.In four pages this research paper presents a basic overview of the 1692 Salem witch trials in a consideration of the hysteria and.Justice Nathanial Saltonstall also apparently disagreed with the ways of the court because he resigned from his position after the first witchcraft trial.In twelve pages this paper on personal finance compares and contrasts decreasing term insurance ans whole life insurance policy ty.

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Although there were still some being accused of witchcraft in other towns the cases went unheeded.Students who utilize any model paper from or its affiliates are REQUIRED.This work is what eventually led to the end of the witchcraft trials in Salem, Massachusetts.Webtech 5 paragraph essay Webtech 5 paragraph essay common app essay deleted items lost planet extreme.If she came up alive everyone said she had magical powers which kept her from drowning, and then she would be executed.

While accusations were occurring as routine events for the people of Salem, some came to think that perhaps this outbreak was not related to witchcraft after all.People pondered on what kind of an illness could have been mistaken for the symptoms of possession, but some thought that the possessed were simply liars and fools.While witches can be either male or female, approximately 78 percent of the accused in Salem were women.MLA format Citations from: The trial of Martha Carrier The Norton Anthology of.Historiography of the Salem Witch Trials The city of Salem was built by British settlers around the year 1630. Chicago Research Paper.This was because the Puritans had always suspected, as one of their main beliefs, that the Devil envied their way of life and was constantly trying his best to make their lives miserable.In twenty two pages this consideration of personal finance emphasizes the importance of writing a will and estate planning with ta.

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Free The Salem Witch Trials Essays and PapersFree The Salem Witch Trials people are still wondering why 19 people died as a result of these trials.On a psychological level, most historians agree that Salem Village in 1692 was seized by a kind of public hysteria, fueled by a genuine belief in the existence of witchcraft.These were a few examples of preposterous tortures against the people.

Another concern was that the possessed would be forced to sign a Satanic pact, and if they did not do so then the witches would inflict pain upon them until they did.How could anyone have hanged their neighbor for being a witch.

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However when they were accused or whether they confessed or denied their gender mattered.Many times, the Puritans were blamed for the trials, encouraging witchcraft fears, and the number of people affected by them.

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These women were Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba, all residents of Salem Village.View The Salem Witch Trials Research Papers on for free.

Even then, if they did not confess to being guilty, they were punished sometimes even killed.

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Research Paper on Salem with Trials. but everybody is at one that Salem witch hunt occurred during the period economical, political,.In January 1693, William Phipps formed a new court, which, working under stricter guidelines, acquitted forty-nine.By the end of February 1692, not one, but three witches had been named.

The main instructions are what were the causes of the witch trials.The Trials that accused and killed so many innocent women and men.The arrival of Reverend Samuel Parris in 1689 only further intensified the conflict between the families.Sometimes they even had to live with their neighbors, but this never lasted long.Salem Story: Reading the Witch Trials of 1692. the examples and guidelines in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th.

Chief Justice Stoughton, however, thought that the evil spirits would not disguise themselves to people who were willing to cooperate with them.The most shocking was the arrest of George Burroughs, the onetime pastor of Salem Village church.Hundreds of these local residents came into the court to help testify against crimes alleged witches had committed years, even decades, before.Appointed were Lieutenant Governor William Stoughton, Nathaniel Saltonstall, Bartholomew Gedney, Peter Sergeant, Samuel Sewall, Wait Still Winthrop, John Richards, John Hathorne, and Jonathan Corwin.Women and men accused of being witches were either looked down upon in the community or envied for their land and wealth.Pmg research paper topics for the salem witch trials theis a short documentary record of industries.