The importance of brand equity to customer loyalty

Brand extension research has focused on several of the brand equity dimensions.Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty in the Taiwanese Imported Lumber Market. the mediating effect of trust and brand equity on customer loyalty in the Taiwanese.

International Journal of Research in Marketing, 14, 451-472. Glynn, M.S., and Brodie, R.J. (1998), The importance of brand-specific associations in brand extensions: Further empirical results.These organizations understand the importance of retaining existing customers and. and saw customer loyalty as. help retain customers, and improve your brand.

Past research on brand extension has focused on what determines the success or failure of extensions.For example, the parent brands were well-regarded, well-known and characterized by their unique set of associations.This dimension of loyalty was first introduced in interorganizational studies (e.g., Allen and Meyer 1990).Brand Loyalty: Why They Matter For Customer Retention and Repurchase Rates.Love, for example, captures strength as defined by degree of affect associated with the brand attitude.Therefore, this aspect will not be investigated any further at this time, but it could be an option at a later point in time.Furthermore, a second issue for future research is the effect of different brand personality dimensions on the evaluation of brand extensions.Second, loyal behavioral intention towards the parent brand is important for reaching a positive evaluation of extensions.

For example, the Marlboro brand has a specific brand personality, therefore, it would be interesting to use the brand personality construct to find categories matching these personality dimensions.Furthermore, consumers indirectly have positive perceived quality and satisfaction towards the parent brand, given the positive behavioral intention.Monitoring brand mentions and negative companies on review sites.This relationship may be used as an argument for using the insurance products in the same bank (given that the bank has extended towards insurance products).Make social media a two-way conversation and not just promotional.

As such, the impact of brand loyalty on evaluations of brand extensions has not been investigated.Third, no one has fully investigated empirically the relationship between brand loyalty and the evaluation of brand extensions.

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The Relationship among Country of Origin, Brand Equity and

Brand loyalty is a phrase a lot of people like to throw around, but not many people have hands on experience with.

But this is likely to be true only if the parent brand is favorable.Customer Equity Drivers and Future Sales. Does the importance of value, brand and.However, despite this interest, research on perceived similarity and brand extensions has some limitations.

Perceived quality was used as a measure for overall evaluation of the original brand.Stimuli: The original brands were selected with regard to the criteria of being relevant to subjects, highly familiar, and not broadly extended previously.As shown in Table 3, all models are highly significant and explain a substantial portion of the variance in dependent variables (ranging from 36 % to 37 % of total variance), indicating a reasonable model fit.


They found support for their hypotheses that brand-loyal consumers of a core brand react less favorably to brand extensions than do other groups of consumers.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.New York: Praeger. Smith D.C., and Park, C.W. (1992), The effects of brand extensions on market share and advertising efficiency.In Aaker, D.A. and A. Biel (Eds.), Brand equity and advertising.Test of H 2: H 2 states that consumers evaluate brand extensions more favorably if they have a high loyal behavioral intention towards the original brand.