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In this article a comparison will be made concerning the advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face.In the fourth place as online interviewing involves at the most basic level the exchange of texts, this way of interviewing.But on the other hand, the interviewer has to concentrate much more on the questions that need to be asked and the.

Qualitative research: Qualitative interviews and medical research.It enables researchers to contact populations that might be difficult to work with on an FtF basis.Journal of Global Information Technology Management, 8 (2), 46-60.Meanwhile the concentration of the interviewer and the interviewee can decrease.The relationship between an independent and dependent variable is studied in detail.How to Write an Archaeological Report More Articles What Does Sociopolitical Mean.

Another advantage of asynchronous communication of place is that disturbing background noises are not recorded.

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Using e-mail interviews for collecting information is preferred, when.

Dependent Variables in Sociology Both qualitative and quantitative research are used in studies throughout many disciplines, including science and the social sciences.Once research has been done, data analysis is possible to determine whether it is reliable or not.Strategies for Qualitative Interviews. interviews be included in your research. limitations of interviews The point of a qualitative interview is to.On the other hand this visibility can lead to disturbing interviewer effects, when.Informal interviewing can be helpful in building rapport with respondents and in gaining their trust as well as their understanding of a topic, situation, setting, etc.

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In-depth one-on-one interviews,. relevance and salience of qualitative information of focus groups. ones can offer advantages over focus groups.

As with telephone interviews, due to the asynchronous communication of place, one of the advantages of MSN messenger interviewing.It is a possible means of access to people on sites, which have closed or limited access (such as hospitals.Advantages and disadvantages of indepth interviews: Advantages: Usually yield richest data,.

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People from all over the globe can be interviewed—of course if they have access to telephone or.Thus, when the interviewer conducts a MSN messenger interview with an interviewee with.This danger is even bigger when interviewing with MSN messenger, because writing in a chat box and taking notes.In one interview I conducted I should have taken notes because I had.

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Characteristics of Semi-structured interviews. comparable qualitative data.

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As in FtF interviews synchronous communication of time implies that interviewer and interviewee can directly react to what.Quantitative research can be used to test hypotheses in experiments because of its ability to measure data using statistics.

In this study individuals who met and conversed in a situation where they could not.


The use of semi-structured interviews in qualitative research:. interviews in qualitative research:.Qualitative methods not only help provide explanations of complex phenomena, but are also beneficial in evolving or creating conceptual bases or theories, and in recommending hypotheses to explain the phenomena.Due to the asynchronous communication of time, the interviewee might have to wait.MANN and STEWART (2000) make a distinction in the following categories.

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While in the field as an observer, informal interviews are casual conversations one might have with the people the researcher is observing.

Basically, qualitative research focuses upon evolving theories and concepts which are essential in data collection.The focus of this article is concentrated on the ways in which the four interview techniques differ.With an e-mail interview, synchronous communication of time is impossible.