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After the success ofthe mission, they are headed to the Orlando Cityskyscraper.In between, time stretches on and on as Quentin reads books, drives around looking for clues, takes finals, and attends parties.This experience is formative for Quentin and Margo, and forges a vaguely implied but long lasting bond between them.Finally, they drive home, stopping on the way to buy towels to attempt to dry off.Once, at age nine, they biked to the park and found a dead man leaning against a tree.The detective and Quentin talk privately aboutMargo and Quentin tells everything that happened between him and her few days ago.Margo spray-paints another M on the house and they drive off celebrating.It turns out that Margo has enlisted Quentin to help her with an eleven-part plan to exact revenge against her friends who have wronged her.

The novel will end with Margo and Quentin thinking back to their childhood together, bringing their journey full-circle as they attempt to accept their adult selves.Quentin continues his search, going through the motions of school and final exams with his mind constantly occupied by thoughts about Margo.Quentin sees Margo Roth Spiegelman as the miracle of his life.Margo announces that their last stop, number 11, is SeaWorld.With thebackground music, Quentin and Margo starts to slow dance and have a good time.Margo told Quentin that she did an investigation about the dead man.This section of the book is all about anger and revenge, and Margo dominates the plot while Quentin follows with mixed feelings of panic and awe.

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Tweet about the Paper Towns Study Guide Email the Paper Towns.Ben is obsessed with the idea of getting a date and going to prom, a desire that Quentin does not share.Margo has a pretty cynical perception of propriety and how it motivates people.By the time the main character Q has searched the paper town for the. so I skipped all but the chapter about the car.

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Beforeit turns noon, Quentin searches up some locations in the Omnictionary.Margo talks on and on about how planning for future stability is boring and stupid.

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Shealso is complaining that she does not have a prom date andBen jumps the chance to ask her out to it.While Quentin is still there, he starts to grasp the meaning of the poem and starts to.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.Margo sets off the security system almost immediately, throws a fish through a window, and then spray paints an M on the unbroken window beside it.Quentin wakes up late, is driven to school by his mother, and meets his best friend Ben Starling outside the band room.

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When Quentin arrived at school, Ben andRadar talks about their prom date and how much they value this prom because it is their last prom in highschool.They lean against the glass, contemplating the city, and begin to argue.Home Study Guides Paper Towns Prologue and Part I Summary and Analysis.After they agree to stay in touch, they have an intense moment of connection and then go their separate ways.

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Quentin took two small stepsbackward because he was afraid that the dead manmight wake up and attack him.This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Paper Towns.Then, Margo and Quentin start to talk buttheir frustration lead to minor quarrel but they start to talk things out.However, on the other hand, Margo took two small steps forward,observing the dead body.

But because it isgraduation day, he visits school, tells his parents that he is going to miss graduation, and leaves with hisfriends on a road trip to Algoe.Suddenly,her father calls her up from the ground, shouting her to come down.

However, she has left clues for Quentin, and Quentin is determined to put these clues together to figure out where she has gone.Paper Towns begins in Orlando Florida, where Quentin Jacobsen has lived all his life,.One day, he looked at her smiling in front of her boyfriend, Jase.The only thing Quentin is able to do is just look at her until he loses her sight.When they arrive in Agloe, Margo acts indifferent and cold towards them.Quentin takes short trips to all the pseudovisions he can find in Central Florida to see if she is camping out in one, but does not find her.He lives next door to Margo RothSpiegelman, who he is deeply in love with.Paper Towns What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person. Menu. He is a dynamic character because when he gets serious,.Quentin protests and they fight about who has given more to the other during this nighttime escapade - Quentin for driving her all over and putting his future on the line for Margo, or Margo who could have done this adventure alone but chose Quentin to share it with.

Quentin isa little afraid that it might be a felony to follow her doingmysterious stuffs, but he believes in her.

Paper Towns study guide contains a biography of John Green, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.They keep running, drive the car in reverse until almost running over nearly naked Jase, who Quentin throws a shirt to.Quentin is a senior at high school living at Jefferson Street.His neighbour is Margo and he is madly in love with hersince he was nine.A detective is enlisted to search for Margo, but he is neither helpful nor hopeful that she will be found.When they werenine, they were hanging out in the park, and Margopointed out to something near the oak tree.The next day, Quentin wakes up late and runs down to the kitchen.