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Unfortunately texting has also become a huge safety concern when it occurs while. driving. While certain distractions while driving are inevitable, texting while driving requires serious attention and focus and thus should be outlawed in the US.Although the majority of students ask us to write an essay and term or research paper,.The average Joe is sitting in. his Honda on Interstate 90 when his cell phone goes off.Today I will explain why I disagree with texting while driving is an unsafe practice.Some people do not realize how dangerous texting and driving can really be.You will find clumps of students standing around in circles, phones in hand, typing away.People have to be socially connected with their friends all the time.

A common reason for crashes has been the use of cellphones while driving.When teenagers text and try to do their homework at the same time it will distract them.

Luckily she made it out alive, but she could have ended up losing her life.It may appear obvious that this action will cause those students to be distracted and possibly walk in to something or someone, yet there is a bigger problem to address.Recent Advances in Technology are Ruining the English Language.Multimedia Messaging service has 1.3 billion active users and they gained 26 billion dollars in 2008 (MMS vs SMS). In 1984. Short Message Service was developed.When someone is using his or her device, they think they are being social with one another by keeping in touch.Automobile crashes as a result of texting while driving is an outbreak that has taken the nation by. storm over the past decade.

This is a staggering increase from the 41.8 billion just two years previous.Almost three-quarters of the states prohibit drivers from texting on hand-held devices, where they are usually given a fine, if caught.

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The average number of text messages sent just within the United States went from 14 billion in the year 2000 to 188 billion in 2013 according to Pew Institute Survey.While texting, you will lose focus and will increase the chance of severe legal repercussions.Research with simulators suggests that use of the telephone can impair some aspects of driving performance.These changes are seen in almost every aspect of relationships, from how they form, develop and sometimes even end.There are common theories believing that texting is destroying the Standard English language.The first advantage would be teachers embracing tech in the classroom.Teachers embrace tech as a teaching tool in a way the students will understand.According to Eric board when students took an assignment of translating passages of Othello into oth.

While driving, teens have a lot of distractions and have to pay attention but most teens drive while distracted.Being able to drive may be a dream come true, but it could easily turn into a nightmare that is never woken up from.Cell phones on the other hand have been given the cold shoulder, and even completely banned by some schools.Texting and driving is one of the biggest problems in the United States.Thesis: Texting while driving is a hazard to everyone who drives on the road, a. ban on texting while driving will prevent this hazard and save peoples lives.

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The sender of a text message is known as a texter, while the service itself has different colloquialisms depending on the region.

The paper will explore the following question of why this is a problem and why the research is important.

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Some drivers try to eat while driving, do their makeup or even drink while driving.

The photograph is trying to persuade you not to text while driving because it could easily cost you your life.The ad incorporated many rhetorical techniques that I feel makes it more viable then similar ones.

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Communication is supposed to be face- to- face and not electronically.This shows the variety of abbreviations teenagers use while texting.

The use of a cellphone is considered a necessity now a day among drivers that are currently on the road.She slid across the median, hit a bridge, and was immediately killed.

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It has become very popular to use our phones to call, text, e-mail, and even research on the internet. As. technology gives us better phones we become attached to our luxuries.The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration states that texting while driving is about six times more likely to cause an accident than driving intoxicated.Texting is a frequent fad among the young adults, it also a convenient method for parents to keep in contact with their children.Accommodation might be a gift, however excessively of a great thing is never perfect.