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As a character of dark color, Pecola grasps onto the white standard of beauty thinking that if she had blue eyes like them she would be accepted and loved.She knew that to destroy the doll was wrong, but she could not help it.

Culture 7: When Pecola, Maureen, Claudia and Frieda are walking home from the ice cream shop, they pass a theater with a picture of Betty Grable on it.The Bluest Eye Essays: Over 180,000 The Bluest Eye Essays, The Bluest Eye Term Papers, The Bluest Eye Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990 ESSAYS, term and research.Pecola Breedlove is the protagonist of The Bluest Eye, but despite her central role she remains passive and mysterious throughout.

Isnt that already an indicator of our service provide perfect academic services.Having double consciousness causes a black person to have two identities.Post World War I, many new opportunities were given to the growing and expanding group of African Americans living in the North.

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Since widespread notion whiteness is better everywhere and the agreement that being light skin is better, some characters in The Bluest Eyes learned to hate the blackness of their own bodies and view themselves as despicable.On the other hand, the household of the Breedloves is a fairly less fortunate one.The dominate images of happy affluent white families basically tells black people that to be white means to be successful and happy and to be black means living a life of poverty and unhappiness.However, despite all of their hopes and wishes, they will never be able to look like that, and they are left as the victims of a culture that standardizes and limits young children.

These realizations often occur at a young age and shape their psychological development.Mrs. Breedlove works for a wealthy white family, The Fishers, down by Lake Shore Park, a place where black people are not allowed.These cultural pressures of what defines beauty make Pecola aware of just how much she strays from that defined beauty.Compare and contrast Claudia and Pecola in terms of their ability to fight injustice.

Our free online Harvard Referencing Tool makes referencing easy.Although the main characters of the stories Things Fall Apart by Chinua.

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An establishment of an artificial scale of beauty showing how a race and culture values are easily being disallowed by the ideology of being the.

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Culture 3: Claudia tells the story about the doll she received for Christmas one year.The eye slide of black women as they approached them on the street, and the possessive gentleness of their touch as they handled them.Shipbuilding industry of bangladesh essay writing commitment to diversity essay eberswalder kanaldeutsch beispiel essay.She does not know how to get anyone to love her, which is stated in the novel on page 23.

That is the reason she starts living in her own fantasy world.In this story, Through Pecola, Morrison exposes the power and cruelty of white, middle-class American definitions of beauty, for Pecola will be driven mad by her consuming obsession for white skin and blonde hair and bluest eyes.Therefore, she speaks up when she considers that something is unfair and.

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Both the MacTeers and the Breedloves are representative to the oppressed class, but the Breedloves are slightly lees fortunate than the MacTeers.The total absence of human recognition --- the glazed separateness.The story of Dick and Jane is considered to be representative of the perfect white, happy American family.She cannot understand what her community sees in people like Shirley Temple, nor the doll.

I believe that we should all be treated equally, and not judged because we do not the social standards of everyone.UKEssays Essays English Literature The Bluest Eyes By Toni Morrison English Literature Essay.Everything we do is focussed on writing the best possible assignment for your exact requirements.She is about nine years old when they story takes place, she is remembering the story.

For instance Geraldine views Pecola as the embodiment of blackness when she first saw her.Shirley Temple was the epitome of what all of America adored in little girls: her bouncy blonde curls and big blue eyes.The major characters in The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison were Pecola Breedlove, Cholly Breedlove, Claudia MacTeer, and Frieda MacTeer.Pecola Breedlove is an eleven-year-old black girl around whom the story revolves.The female characters in the novel endured a lot in coping with the males.Pecola believes her world will turn around if she was beautiful, and had blue.She gets harassed by both kids and adults and she just puts up with it.American men and woman today are no longer satisfied with their physical appearance.